Death Note Review

“Light Yagami, a high school student who goes on a secret crusade to eliminate criminals from the world after discovering a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written into it. It is from the realm of the Death Gods, and it gives him the power to kill people in any way he desires.”

Get yourself prepared for sleepless nights because this anime is going to make you stand up all night, obsessively trying to watch the next episode. You’ll never get enough, and once the series is over, you’ll find yourself in a minor depression and you’d wish that you hadn’t watched all episodes in just 2 days. Okay, not exactly but you know what I mean.

Death Note is one of the few anime’s I have actually looked in to and I have to say it is THE best anime I have watched. With only 37 episodes it probably rips every other anime apart. From start to end it was nothing less than brilliant.

It exceeds ALL expectations and consists of you using your own mind. It really does outdo the typical fighting and battling you’d get in any ordinary anime. Death Note is just an invigorating reward to the anime market and to anime enthusiasts. The clever, scintillating and ingenious anime is completely and utterly mind twisting. The constant clash between “L”, who is leading the investigation, and “Kira”, which is Japanese for “Killer”, is quite something. They are constantly one step ahead of each other and their skillful minds endlessly outwitting one and other. Unlike many series, Death Note stays ahead of the watcher and is totally unpredictable. Every episode generally gets better and better as well as deeper and deeper. The complex plot is so well presented and generated that every new stage in the storyline comes as a complete shock.

The fact that this series justly goes where no other will is unquestionably one of the reasons I find it to be so luring. It somehow creates a great sense of action without a load of ninjas and martial arts and it also contains some brilliantly created suspense.

The one thing I would complain about is the lack of character development. Apart from Light turning into a complete lunatic there was not much development happening with the other characters. L was hidden for most parts and when he was finally revealed it didn’t tell us or look into why he was the way he was. Nonetheless, Death Note was really good at eliminating extra characters when they were becoming unnecessary.

One other minor complaint I do have is that in my personal opinion it should have ended at episode 25. Although I did enjoy the rest of the series after it finished, I still think that the plot changes and addition of other characters did have an impact on the series as a whole. It made me think that the anime may never end. At the time I was watching the anime I did think it should have ended and it did frustrate me a bit as a viewer but when it ended as a whole I got over my frustration and it grew on me slowly during the process.

My favourtie character. Touta Matsuda. The slightly reckless, naive young detective but he definitely had his moment to shine. Although he mainly was impeding the investigation process, he did show how crucial he was to the mission. Matsuda also thought throughout the whole investigation that Kira had good intentions but his intentions were executed the wrong way. He was also totally devoted to Light’s father, who appeared to have taken young Matsuda under his rightful wing.

Death Note’s reputation as an excellent anime is well earned in my eyes and it was a pleasure to watch.



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